How do you see your future?

That’s the broad, open-ended question we’ll ask so we can begin to understand you and your dreams. It’s the first step in a financial planning process that’s uniquely tailored to your current situation and to how you envision tomorrow. We take a holistic planning approach that considers your lifestyle, employment details, current investments, family situation, retirement needs and wish list: all the interrelated pieces of your financial circumstances. 

First we work with you to establish a plan that addresses your goals, then we manage the investments that bring that plan to life.

techchart1Our financial planning process

We operate in accordance with the established financial planning process of the CFP® Board of Standards:

  • Establish and define the client-planner relationship.
  • Gather your financial and personal data, including your goals and needs.
  • Analyze and evaluate your financial status.
  • Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.
  • Implement the financial planning recommendations, including working with tax advisors, estate attorneys, insurance professionals and workplace benefit coordinators.
  • Monitor the financial planning recommendations. We regularly track your progress toward your financial goals and make strategic adjustments based on changes to your goals, your financial situation, or tax and estate law.