Investment management: Making your customized plan a reality

Sightline’s investment management process ensures that your portfolio is tailored to your unique needs. After working with you to establish your financial status and goals, we create an investment policy statement (IPS) that’s based on your financial objectives and desired level of risk, allocate your portfolio to align with that statement, and regularly communicate with you on your portfolio’s progress. The result is maximum portfolio efficiency with minimal management costs.

How our investment management process works:



Based on the targeted risk and return objectives of your financial plan and your specific tax bracket, time frame and liquidity needs, we create your IPS. This statement provides a roadmap for the development of your portfolio, clearly defining goals and the investment strategies we’ll use to help achieve them.



Once you’ve approved your IPS, we make all necessary changes to the portfolio to implement the plan. Using low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds as the core of the portfolio, we may supplement the allocation with a broad array of additional investments depending upon your income or growth needs.



In addition to providing monthly account statements, Sightline delivers an easy-to-understand, detailed review of your portfolio after the end of each calendar quarter. This report, which includes a summary of activity for the last quarter, 12 months and lifetime of the account, allows you to evaluate performance on your accounts.



Change—in your goals, financial circumstances, the market or tax and estate law—is inevitable. Because proper asset allocation is vital to managing risk, we regularly rebalance your portfolio to realign with the target allocation defined in your IPS.